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Best Christmas Lights - Houston, Texas

   Without a doubt the best Christmas lights in Houston, Texas every year are found at the intersection of Confederate and Panola in the Spring Branch area.  For years, Doug Lowry and his family have strung more Christmas lights than you can even imagine.  The display includes a path through the whole light display.  Santa is also there in his sleigh pulled by plenty of reindeer.  There are hundreds of other Christmas ornaments in addition to the lights. When department stores throw out old Christmas decorations, Doug Lowry is there to claim them and add them to his collection.  The Christmas lights number in the tens of thousands. 

   The Christmas lights on this house and yard would even make Clark Griswold jealous.  Lowry has so many lights he had to install a separate circuit breaker box for the lights apart from his house as the lights were regularly throwing the circuit breaker on his house.

   Our family like many other families has made an annual tradition out of visiting the Lowry Family Christmas lights for years.

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