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How to Remove Oil Stains


Concrete and Cement

My old Ford truck which we are in the process of restoring began to leak and left oil stains on the concrete floor of our garage.  The oil stain was really ugly.  My mother-in-law suggested that I use kitty litter to remove oil stains from concrete. 

It sounded just too simple to use cat litter to remove oil stains from a cement floor.  The next time I was at the store, I found out that cat litter was only about $3.95 for a twenty-five pound bag.  I bought Sani-Sorb Cat Litter.  After all, kitty litter is just dry clay. It was so cheap, I figured it could not hurt to try.

I was blown away by the results. I covered the stain with plenty of kitty litter and crushed the litter into the stain with my shoe to break the cat litter into smaller pieces to get good contact witht the stain. I let it sit overnight.  The next day I swept up the cat litter and to my amzement the oil stains were all gone.  If you had not known the oil stain had been there, you could not tell.

How to Remove Oil Stains from Cement or Concrete:

1.  Get a bag of cat litter from the store. Get the litter that is just clay. dont get any fancy odor absorbing variety. Get the old fashioned clay variety. It is so cheap for the results you will get.

2.  Put a bunch of the kitty litter on the oil stain on the concrete or cement.

3.  Crush the litter up a bit with your shoe to increase the contact of the litter with the stain on the floor.  (Don't worry if there is a bunch of wet oil on the floor.  Just throw plenty of the kitty litter right on top of the wet stuff too.)

4.  Let the kitty litter set over night. Somehow the clay aborbs and leaches the oil stain out of the top layer of the cement. Sweep the cat litter off the concrete and throw the litter away. Its just that simple, just that easy and just that cheap.

Note:  As I found out later this method also works magnificently at removing power steering fluid stains from concrete and cement as well.

Oh, and kitty litter I bought (Sani-Sorb) is all natural. The bag of cat litter I bought says it is "absolutely harmless to persons, animals, fabrics or metals."The only ingredient is granular, calcined, fuller's earth (a type of calcified clay).


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